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Those Present During the Siege A-B


Abbott, Mrs and 1 child.
Adeodatus, Father: Roman Catholic priest. Father Adeodatus of Perugia (Joyce, p. 135). He was 68 years old and had been in India continuously since 1822. Gout caused him to bedridden during the siege. He had built the Church of St. Mary in Lucknow. He wanted to be buried in Lucknow.
Aitkin, Robert Hope Moncrieff, Lieut, Quartermaster:13th Regt. N.I. and wife.  Born 6 February 1826 – Died:18 September 1887, received the VC and a CB.
Alexander, Clare, 1st Lieut. Artillery, Killed/Died of wounds. September 28th (Case pp 212)
Alexander, J. 2nd Lieut., wounded.
Alnutt, Mr. C.D., BankClerk, wife, Ann and 4children, (1 child died during the siege, Louisa Ellen, on 28th Aug.). Uncovenanted Service.
Alone, Mr. Alfred and his sister. Uncovenanted Service, Innes Outpost.
Alone Mr. B.and his mother. Uncovenanted Service, Innes Outpost.
Anderson, Major J.  General Staff. Chief Engineer. Died of sickness on 12th August.
Anderson, Capt. R.P. Assistant Comissioner (ref. Gubbins). His wife, Henrietta and 1 child died during the siege. Henrietta, aged 30 died on the 17th of August 1857, and her daughter, Hilda Mary, aged 7 months died on the 21st of August 1857, "from the sheer want of proper nourishment". (grave stone in Calcutta). Their son survived the siege.
Anderson, Lieut. J.C. Engineers, officiating.
Anderson, Mrs.
Anthony, Mr. David. Uncovenanted Service, Financial Garrison.
Apthorp, Major , wife and 1 child (dead). 41st Regt. N.I.
Aratoon, Carapiet. Martiniere pupil. Died of illness.
Aratoon, David. Martiniere pupil, senior boy.
Aratoon, M. Martinere pupil.
Archer, Mr. George. Master, Martiniere and wife.
Arnow (or Arno), Miss Rebecca E. Died on 7th October 1857 from wounds sustained by the exploding of a shell.
Arthur, Lieut. Leonard Augustus.7th Regt. Light Cavalry. Killed/Died of wounds on19th of July (Case pp.109). He was shot through the eye while aiming at an enemy, at the Cawnpore battery.


Bailey, Mr. G. Innes Outpost. He was the son of a native Christian who had been a captain in the service of the King of Oudh. (p. 92, Joyce). Wounded during the siege by a musket ball that smashed his lower jaw and passed out through his neck. He survived.
Bailey, George. Martinere pupil.
Ball, Mrs. (1 child)
Balley (or Bally) Mrs. (2 children)
Banks, Major John Sherbrooke, Provincial Chief Commissioner. Killed/Died of Wounds, shot in the head - 21st July 1857,  aged 46. Son of Samuel and Lucinda. Husband of Elizabeth Fearon, present at the siege, with 1 child.
Baptist, Adam. Volunteer, wounded.
Baptist, Ellis. Volunteer.
Baptist, Peter. Volunteer.
Barbor, Mrs. Widow of Adjutant Adjutant George Douglas. 2nd Oude Irregular Cavalry, Oude Irregular Force. Killed at Mynpoory, 1st June 1857, before the commencement of the siege.
Barfoot, Mrs.
Barker, M. Martinere pupil.
Barlow, Capt. George Pratt and wife. Oude Irregular Force. He died of sickness. August 24th.
Barnard, Rev.  Roman Catholic priest.
Barnett, Mrs.
Barrett, Mr., wife and 3 children, (1 child dead).  Uncovenanted service. He died of sickness. 
Barry, Mr. Uncovenanted service.
Barsotelli, Signor, of Calcutta. He had disposed of a shipment of alabasters at Lucknow from Florence before the siege (Joyce, p. 67)
Bartrum, Mrs. Kate and 1 child. Widow of  Robert Henry Bartrum, Bengal Medical Service. Her son Robert, died the day before they were to board a ship in Calcutta that was to take them back to England. Assistant-Surgeon Robert Henry Bartrum - killed in action at Lucknow - 26th September 1857 Aged 26. Serving with the 3rd Oude Irregular Infantry. (Mrs. Bartrum was joined by 2 of her husband's servants after Havelock's relief).
Barwell, Lieut. Charles, wife and 1 child. Brigade Staff. Town and fort adjutant, officiating major of brigade. Cousin to Mrs. Harris (Harris, footnotes, pp 5.). His wife Emily gave birth their son Percy Andrew, during the siege. (Harris, Sept. 6th, pp. 51)
Bassano, Capt. H.M. 32nd Foot. Wounded at Chinhat.
Bates, Mr. A. Uncovenanted service and wife.
Baxter, Mr. Conductor, Ordanance Department, and wife. Uncovenanted Service. Killed/died of wounds.
Baxter, R.H. Martiniere pupil.
Beale, Mr. Uncovenanted Service. Killed/Died of wounds.  Noted in Inglis as an "overseer of roads." According to Rees he was shot on July 11th wounded in the back from a a rifle shot" and died a week later. His little daughter had died earlier. (Rees pp 134)
Beale, Mrs. Wife of Mr. Beale. According to Wilson, there is a Mrs. Beale listed, with no children. However, Julia Inglis refers to a Mrs. Beale, as being the woman who had appealled to her for milk for her baby. (Inglis, 14th August) Mrs. Beale told Mrs. Inglis she had lost three children and wanted the baby to survive the siege. However, according to the list by Rees, Mrs. Beale and 2 children died.
Bell, Mr. Overseer, wife  and1 child. Rees mentions that Bell's mother-in-law died during the siege but does not mention her name.
Benson, Mr. and wife (1 child, dead.) Deputy Commissioner, Durriabad  Civil Service.
Best, Mr.,  and wife (1child, dead).Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison.
Bickers, Mr., wife and 3 children. Uncovenanted Service. Wounded, shot in the jaw.
Birch, Capt. F.W. Brigade Staff. ADC to Inglis, 71st. Wounded. 
Birch, Mr. Henry Holwell, Uncovenanted Services.
Birch, Miss E.(Elizabeth) E. Sister of  H.H. Birch.
Birch, Lieut. 59th N.I. and wife. He was shot and killed by accident.
Bird, Dr. Assistant Surgeon.
Bird, Major,and wife, 2 children, (1 dead). 48th Regt., N.I.
Blaney, Mr. P. Uncovenanted Services, Sago's Garrison.
Blaney, Mr. C. and wife.Uncovenanted Service, Bhoosa Garrison.
Blaney, Mr. Nephew of C. Blaney.
Blenman, Mr. and his mother. Uncovenanted Service.
Blunt (or Blund), Mr. Thriepland, Clerk, and wife. Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison.
Blythe, Mr. and wife (1 child, dead).  Uncovenanted Service.
Boileau, Dr. Mrs. Widow of Mr. Boileau, Civil Service.4 children, 1 dead -Georgiana E. Died 13th Sept. 1857.
Boileau, Capt. T.F., wife and 3 children. 7th Regt. Light Cavalry, 2nd in Command, Volunteer Corps.
Bonham, 2nd Lieut. Artillery. Wounded 3 times.
Boulderson, Mr. Assistant Commissioner, Lucknow. Civil Service.Wounded.
Bowhear, Miss
Boyd, Mr. Assistant Surgeon. H.M. 32nd Foot.
Brackenbury, Lieut. H.M. 32nd Foot. Killed at Chinhat.
Brandoff, Mrs.
Brett, Mrs. (1 child, dead).
Brown, Mr.  C., Clerk. Uncovenanted Service, Sagos' Garrison. Killed/died of wounds.
Brown, C.(or G.)  Lieut. HM 32nd Foot. Killed.
Brown, Mr. J., Clerk. Uncovenanted Service, Anderson's Garrison. Killed/died of wounds.
Brown, Mr. W. and wife. Uncovenanted Service. Wounded.
Brown, Apothecarys Apprentice. HM 32nd Foot.
Browne, Capt. Henry George Gore, HM 32nd Foot. He was 26 years old,  when the following deed took place on 21 August 1857 during the Siege of Lucknow for which he was awarded the VC: he led a sortie at great personal risk, for the purpose of spiking two heavy guns, which were doing considerable damage, to the defences. It appears from the statements of the non-commissioned officers and men who accompanied Captain Browne on the occasion, that he was the first person who entered the Battery, which consisted of the two guns in question, protected by high pallisades, the embrasures being closed with sliding shutters. On reaching the Battery, Captain Browne removed the shutters, and jumped into the Battery. The result was, that the guns were spiked, and it is supposed that about one hundred of the enemy were killed.
Browne Mr. Oswin and wife. Uncovenanted Services. He died of sickness.
Browne, Miss.
Bruere, Major C.F., wife and 4 children. 13th Regt. NI. Major Bruere died of wounds.
Burmester, Capt. Henry Garden. 48th Regt. N.I. Killed in the district, 1st June 1857
Burnett, Mrs.  and 1 child.
Burns, Lieut. G. 10th Oude Irregular Infantry. Died after the evacuation of  Lucknow.
Bryce (or Brice), 2nd Lieut. Artillery. Wounded before, died of sickness.
Brydon, Mr. Surgeon, wife and 2 children. This is the same Dr. Brydon who survived the retreat from Kabul. He was wounded during the siege.
Bryson, Mr. Alexander and wife. Uncovenanted Service, Sagos Garrison. He was killed 9th of July 1857, while "singly building, under a deadly fire, a barricade for the safety of his post, a duty he volunteered to perform."
Bryson, Alfred Henley. Obituary: On the evening of Sunday 23 November 1913 there passed away Mr Alfred Henly Bryson at Adelaide's Bay-side suburb of Glenelg. His expiring peacefully in his sleep at the age of 64 signalled the end of a fascinating story and a link with a significant event in military history - one that had begun at the siege of Lucknow during the Indian Mutiny of 1857-59. As a small boy of only eight years of age Alfred Bryson had actively participated in the defence of Lucknow from 29 June to 22 November 1857. He later received, albeit 53 years after the event, the Indian Mutiny Medal and clasp 'Defence of Lucknow'! This was rare distinction indeed.;dn=845069387212493;res=IELHSS)
Bushell, Henry. HM 32nd Foot. Died 22nd July (

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