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Those Present During the Siege C-D


Cameron, Mr. Of Allahabad. Died of sickness.
Cameron, Mr. R. of Calcutta. Died of sickness.
Campagnac, Mr. C., wife and daughter. Uncovenanted Service.
Campagnac, Lieut., wife and daughter. Late King's Services.
Campbell, C.W. Lieut.. 71st Regt. N.I.
Campbell, canteen sergeant, HM 32nd Foot, mentioned in Inglis, pp.114. Killed.
Campbell, W. Ensign. 71st Regt. N.I.
Campbell, Mr. Surgeon. 7th Regt, Light Cavalry. In the list of Rees, he was killed.
Cane, Mrs., and 3 children.
Capper, Mr. Deputy Commissioner,Mullaon. Civil Service, wounded.
Carlow, A. Martinere pupil.
Carnegie, Capt. Brigade Staff, Provost Marshall.
Case, Lieut-Col. William and wife, Adelaide. HM 32nd Foot. He was killed at Chinhat.
Casey, Mr.,wife and 5 children (2 dead). Uncovenanted Service, Department of Public Works. He was wounded in the arm on 2nd July while driving stray cattle out of the entrenchment. He died on the 2nd of August. Not long before his youngest son died of "a decline" and his eldest was killed by a shell, "his head was smashed and he fell across his mother.." The daughter, Lavinia born on 27th March 1853, was not quite four and a half and was wounded in both feet. (She later became a nun, named Mother Agnes (Joyce, p. 142, p. 360).
Catania, Mr. C. Volunteer.
Catania, Mr. T., and mother. Uncovenanted Services.
Cawood, J. Martinere Pupil.
Chambers, Lieut. Adjutant. 13th Regt. N.I. Wounded in Cantonments on 30th May.
Charlton, Ensign. H.M. 32nd Foot. Wounded. Reported as being shot in the head (Case pp. 100) but recovered.
Chick, Mr., wife and 2 children (1 child dead). Late Sub-Editor, "Central Star" Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison.
Chrestien, Mr., and wife. Uncovenanted Service.
Clancey, Mrs., and 2 children.
Clancey, Mr. Thomas John. Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison. Listed in Gubbins as Killed/Died of wounds. 1st July 1857.
Clarke, Stanley, Lieut., and wife. 1st Oude Infantry, Oude Irregular Force.
Clarke, Mrs. Elizabeth and 2 children (all dead). Refugee from Gondah, wife of Lieut. Edgar Clarke Assistant Commissioner. Mrs. Clark died of smallpox. July 31st. (Case pp 126). According to Bartrum, she died on the 30th of July and her baby the next day.Her baby was baptisedby Rev. Harris,and named Elizabeth as her mother had not named her before falling ill. Her son Matthew Edgar, aged 1 year and 9 months did not survive the siege.
Clarke, Mrs. Loungeville.
Clarke, William. Martinere pupil.
Clarke, Miss.
Clery, Lieut. H.M. 32nd Foot, Sago's Garrison.
Collins, Mr. R.M., and wife.  Extra Assistant, Poorwah. Mrs. Collins died of sickness.
Collins, Mr. W.  Assistant to Mr. Deprat.
Collins, J. Martinere pupil.
Connell, Mrs and 1 child. It is not sure if this is the same child, John Connell who died on the 4th of November 1857, according to Hilton. He is listed as the son of A. Connell, Overseer.
Cooke, Lieut. HM. 32nd Foot.Cooke, Mrs.. and 4 children (1 dead).Cooney (or Cuney), Private William. HM 32nd Foot. It is noted that Private Cooney was Irish.
Couper, George , wife and 3 children (1 born during the siege). Secretary to Commander in Chief, Chief Commissioner. Civil Service. According to Kavanagh, Mr. Couper starved himself for his family when food was scarce (p. 45, Kavanagh)
Coulturan, G. Martiniere pupil.
Court, Mrs. (Sergt), and 2 children.
Crabb, Mr. Shopkeeper or Tradesman. Uncovenanted Service. Died of wounds.
Crank, Mr. Assistant Principal, Martiniere.
Creed, E. Martiniere pupil.
Creed, G. Martiniere pupil.
Crowly, T. Bandsman. King's Service. Died.
Cubbit, Lieut. 13th NI. Wounded.
Cunliffe, Foster John, 2nd Lieut.  Artillery. Died of sickness, 22nd September.
Cunliffe, Mrs and 3 children.
Curson, G. Martiniere pupil.
Curtain, Band Sergeant. 41st N.I. Listed as dead.
Curtain, Mrs., and 3 children.
Curwan, Mrs., and 1 child.


Dacosta, Mrs.
Dallicott, Mr.  Hospital Apprentice. HM 32nd Foot. Killed.
Darby, Mr. Edmund Assistant Surgeon. 10th Oude Infantry, Oude Irregular Force. Wounded by a shell on the 27th of October 1857.  His wife Mary and newborn child were killed at Cawnpore. According to Joyce, Dr. Darby died of wounds at the Dilkusha Park.Darrah (or Darah), Lieut., wife and 2 children. 41st Regt N.I.
Dashwood, Lieut.  Alexander J., wife and 2 children (1 dead). 48th Regt N.I.  1 child, Herbert Garrett died during the siege, while the other, Arthur Frederick was born during the siege and christened on the 27th of September. 
Dashwood, Ensign Charles Keith. 18th NI. Died of infection after the evacuation of the Residency on 22nd November 1857, following amputation of both legs after being hit by roundshot while sketching in the Residency grounds. Buried at Dilkusha, aged 19.
Deprat, Monsieur F. Merchant. Died of infection following a bullet wound. Buried in the same grave as Lieut. Cunliffe.
Dedman, family. The Dedmans are mentioned in both Inglis (August 20th) and Case (pp.164). According to Inglis, the father had  been killed and a boy died of cholera. There would appear to have been more children as Case describes the death as "another child of the poor Dedmans was siezed with cholera this morning and not expected to live…" However as both Inglis and Case mention them, it is only fair that they appear here. I am inclined to believe that they are the same family appearing Ree's list, as Dudman and they are mentioned seperately. 
Dawling, Private William. HM 32nd Foot. 
Dawson, HM 32nd Foot.Des Crosses, E. Martiniere pupil.De Verinne, Monsieur. Superintendent, Martiniere Estate.
D'Ravara (or Dera Vera), Mr. A., wife. and 2 children. Steward, Martiniere. I am not sure if this is not the same person as De Verinne (who is mentioned in Wilson).
D'Ravera, J. Martiniere pupil.
De Rozario, Mrs.
Dias, Mr. M., and wife. Uncovenanted Service.
Dickson, Miss Caroline. Sister of Adelaide Case.
Dillen, J. Martiniere pupil.
Dinning, Capt. 71st Regt., N.I.Dodd, Mr. Charles. Master, Martiniere.
Donnithorne, Mr., wife and 2 children (1 dead). Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison.
Dorin, Mrs. Killed on July 22nd. Shot through the head while sitting in her room at Mr. Gubbins' house. (Case, pp 106). She was a refugee from Seetapore.
Dorrett, Mr. R. Uncovenanted Service, Financial Garrison.
Dowling, William, Private. HM 32nd Foot. Received the Victoria Cross. For distinguished gallantry on the 4th of July, 1857, in going out with two other men, since dead, and spiking two of the Enemy's guns. He killed a Soubadar of the Enemy by one of the guns. Also, for distinguished gallantry on the 9th of the same month, in going out again with three men, since dead, to spike one of the Enemy's guns. He had to retire, the spike being too small, but was exposed to the same danger. Also, for distinguished bravery, on the 27th of September, 1857, in spiking an 18-pounder gun during a Sortie, he being at the same time under a most heavy fire from the Enemy.
Drummond, G. Martiniere pupil.
Dubois, Mr. H. and wife. Uncovenanted Service.
Dubois, Mrs. (senior).
Dudman (possibly Dedman), Mr. E., wife, 3 children (2 dead) and mother of Mr. Dudman. Uncovenanted Service. Rees does not mention that Mr. Dudman is dead.
Duffy (or Duff), Mrs., and 1 child.Duhan, Mr. Uncovenanted Service, Volunteer.

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