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Those Present During the Siege K-L


Kavanagh, Mr. Thomas Henry ,wife and 4 children. Assistant Commissioner in Oude. The Kavanaghs had 11 servants with them during the siege, 1 was killed. The cook Badoola Khan had been with Kavanagh for 20 years and his wife had been the ayah of Mrs. Kavanagh when she was a child. Another servant was named Rujab Ali. (Kavanagh, p. 55-56) A relative of Mrs. Kavanagh had been killed at Meerut (Kavanagh, pp. 4). Kavanagh himself received the V.C. for bringing  a message, while disguised as a native, to Sir Colin Campbell. He is one of 5 civilians to receive theV.C.
Keir, Lieut. 41st Regt.,N.I.
Kemble, Capt. Matthew Francis. 41st Regt., N.I. Died of his wounds.
Kendall, Mrs., and 1 child.
Kennedy, Mrs. and daughter.
Keogh, Sergt., wife and 5 children (3 dead). See Eldridge, for details of Sergt. Keogh., Keogh was released during the siege, was killed at the Redan Battery and behaved "most gallantly." (Harris, pp 40).
Knight (or Kight), Mr. Fitz-Herbert. Editor, Central Star, Uncovenanted Service.
Kingsley (or Kinsley) Mrs. and 4 children. Wife of Sergeant Kingsley.


Langmore, Lieut. Adjutant, 71st  Regt. N.I.  "Lieutenant Langmore, with the remnant of his regiment (the 71st), held a very exposed position between the hospital and the water gate. This gallant and deserving young soldier and his men were entirely without shelter from the weather, both by night and by day."(despatch of Brg. Inglis).
Lawrence, Sir Henry Montgomery,  Commissioner of Oude, K.C.B. Died July 4th of wounds.
Lawrence, Lieut.Samuel Hill. H.M. 32nd Foot.  He was 26 years old, and a lieutenant, with a recent field promotion to captain, in the 32nd. He received the V.C. for acts of bravery on the 7th of July and the 26th of September. "For distinguished bravery in a Sortie on the 7th of July, 1857, made, as reported by Major Wilson, late Deputy-Assistant Adjutant-General of the Lucknow Garrison, for the purpose of examining a house strongly held by the Enemy, in order to discover whether or not a mine was being driven from it. Major Wilson states that he saw the attack, and was an eye-witness to the great personal gallantry of Major Lawrence on the occasion, he being the first person to mount the ladder, and enter the window of the house, in effecting which he had his pistol knocked out of his hand by one of the Enemy:—also, for distinguished gallantry in a Sortie, on the 26 September 1857, in charging with two of his men, in advance of his Company, and capturing a 9-pounder gun."
Lawrence, Mr.John, wife and 2 children (Herbert Thomas William, died of cholera, 15th Aug.). Uncovenanted Service, Sago's Post.
Leach, Mr. F. Civil Apothecary. Civil Dispensary, Uncovenanted Service.
Leslie, Mr., and wife. Uncovenanted Service.
Lester, Lieut. Henry Strickland.  Assistant Commissioner at Seetapore. Aged 30,Killed/Died of wounds. Wounded during an assault on Gubbin's Post. Son of Lt. J.Y. Lester, 7th Royal Fusiliers. 
Lewin, 2nd Lieut. E. Powney, wife and 2 children (1 born during the siege. Daughter Edith Scott died 20th August). Bengal Artillery.Lieut. Lewin died of his wounds on the 26th of July.  
Lincoln, Mr., wife and 1 child. Uncovenanted Service.
Longden, Mrs. Sergeant.
Longton, Mrs., and 1 child.
Loughnan, Lieut. 13th Regt. N.I..
Lowe, Captain (Major)  HM 32nd Foot. Referred to in Gubbins as Captain Lowe. Although mentioned other lists as Major Lowe, he is also Captain in Joyce. (p. 181).
Lucas, Mr. Fitzherbert Dacre. Described by Gubbins as an " Irish gentleman, travelling", he was killed on the 29th of September, he was 34 years old. Formerly captain in the Tipperary Militia Artillery, he was the 3rd son of Right Hon. Edward Lucas of Castle Shane Monaghan.
Luffman, James. Martiniere pupil. Senior boy. Was wounded under the left clavical (Hilton)
Luffman, John. Martiniere pupil. 
Luxted, Mr. Pensioner, wife and daughter. Unconvenanted Service.
Lynch, Mrs.Sergeant and 1 child.
Lynch, James. Martiniere pupil. Senior boy. 

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