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Those Present During the Siege M-N


MacDonald, David. Martiniere pupil. Senior boy.
MacDonald, Daniel. Martiniere pupil.
Maclean, Captain Wellwood George Mowbray. 71st Regt. NI. Killed at Chinhat.
McManus, Mr. Uncovenanted Service. Killed.
Maher, Mrs. (Sergeant), and 2 children.
Mansfield, Captain. HM 32nd Foot, died of sickness.
Manton, Mrs. (Sergeant).
Marley, Mrs., and one child.
Marriot, Major and wife. Pension Paymaster. General Staff.
Marshall, Mr. William, wife and daughter.  Opium Contractor. Uncovenanted Service.  He died of wounds. 13th July. "..was shot through the face, the ball passing through his eye and coming out of the mouth…" (Rees pp 130)
Marshall, Mr. J., wife and 1 child. Supervisor, Post Office. Uncovenanted Service.
Marshall, Mrs. F., and 2 children.
Martin, Lieut.Norman Alexander. 7th Regt. Light Cavalry. Killed near Cawnpore, 10th June 1857. Aged 19.
Martin, Mr., wife and 2 children (James Arnold Burnard, Henry Burnard, both dead). Deputy Commissioner Lucknow. Civil Service.
Martin, Mr., and wife. Bandmaster, P.O. Uncovenanted Service.
Master, Lieutenant-Colonel. 7th Regt. Light Cavalry.
Mathews, G. Martiniere pupil.
Mathews, J. Martiniere pupil.
Mathews, W. Martiniere pupil.
May,  Ensign James. Procured food for Kavanagh when he was ill. He served in the Artillery as a volunteer, and made himself useful serving the guns and mortars. Assisted the Chief Artillery Officer in giving the bearings of the enemy's position with the aid of a prismatic compass, and prepared plans for the relief and capture of Lucknow. Occaisionally he was also employed in guiding the troops. (Kavanagh, p. 21). 
May, Mr. W. Uncovenanted Service, Engineers, P.O.
McArthur, C. Martiniere pupil.
McAuliffe, Mr. Uncovenanted Service. Mortally wounded in a sortie on the 29th of September.(Case). Died of wounds.
McCabe, Capt. Bernard. HM 32nd Foot. Mortallly wounded while "leading his fourth sortie" and died on 1st October.
McDonald, Dr. Surgeon. 41st Regt. NI. Died of sickness.
McDonnough, Mrs., and 2 children.
McFarlane, 2nd Lieut.. Artillery.
McGrath, Ensign. HM 84th Foot.
McGregor, Ensign. 41st Regt NI. Died of sickness.
McGrennan, Mr., and wife. Uncovenanted Service, civil dispensary.
McLean, Mr. 71st Regt. NI. Killed at Chinhat. Wounded in 2 places and cut up by the enemy. (Rees, pp 79).
McManus, Mr. Uncovenanted service. Died of wounds.
McRae Mr. (or Rae), (Pleader), and wife. Uncovenanted Service, Department of Public Works.
Mecham, Clifford, H. Lieut. Oudh Irregular Cavalry.
Medley, E. Martiniere pupil.
Medley, G. Martiniere pupil.
Meecham, Lieut. Adjutant, 7th Oude Infantry,Oude Irregular Force.
Mendes, Mr., and wife (wife dead). Uncovenanted Service.
Miller, Mrs., and 4 children.
Mitchell, Mr.
Molloy, Mrs., and 5 children.
Morgan, Mr. J.J., wife and 1 child (Robert C.J., died 19th July). Uncovenanted Service, Artillery.
Morgan, W. Uncovenanted Service, Sago's Garrison.
Morton, Mr. Quartermaster-Sergeant, wife and 2 children. 10th Oude Irregular Infantry. Listed in Gubbins who writes Mr. Morton died since the evacuation of Lucknow.
Morton (or Moreton) Mrs., and 2 children (Both children dead).


Nazareth, Mr., wife and 2 children (1 dead). Uncovenanted Service. According to Mr. Gubbins, Mr. Nazareth died of sickness.
Need, Capt.W.W.,  wife and 3 children. Merchant. He died of cholera. (July 26th, Case) or was shot through the lungs while collecting firewood (Bartrum) and died as a result.
Nepean, Miss.
Nicholls, Lewis. Martiniere pupil. Senior boy.
Nugent, Mrs.,Senior.
Nugent, Mrs., Junior.

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