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Those Present During the Siege O-P


O'Brian, Lieut. H.M. 84th Foot. Wounded.
O'Dowde (or O'Dowda),  Ensign H.C. 48th Regt. N.I.
Ogilvy, Dr.  Surgeon,  and wife. Sanitary Commissioner. Superintendent of Jails, Civil Surgeon.
Oliver, Mr. Overseer, and wife. Magazine.
Ommanney, Mr. Manaton Collingwood,  wife, Louisa,( nee Engleheat, b. ca 1814 d. 1892), and 2 daughters. Judicial Commissioner, Civil Service.  Mr. Ommanney died on the 8th July 1857. Rees:" He was quietly sitting in his chair when a cannon ball hit him on the head and scattered a portion of his brains. ." On the grave inscription, Mr. Ommanney is mourned by his wife and 6 children!  It is unclear if any of the other Ommaney children were present. The Miss Ommanney's were engaged to the Cunliffe brothers Mr. Cunliffe of the artillery (dead) and Mr. Cunliff a civilian, who died at Byram Ghat.
Orr, Capt. Adolphe, wnfe and 1 child. Assistant Commissioner of Mohumdee. Oude Military Police, Oude Irregular Force, unattached. Capt. Orr died after the evacuation of the residency.
Ouseley, Lieut. Ralph, wife, Elizabeth Anne (nee Palmer, born 1833) and 2 children, Ralph and Gore. (Wife and children dead). Quartermaster, 48th Regt. N.I. Mrs. Ouseley and 2 children,died of sickness. Mrs Ouseley died on November 14th (Case).  Harris writes on October 1st that both of the children died within ten minutes of each other. (Harris, pp 73). According to Case, Mrs. Ouseley gave birth to a baby boy during the siege born a day after Mrs. Barwell (p.144). Mrs. Ouseley was the daughter of Colonel Palmer of the 48th. Lieutenant Ouseley was the son of Major J.W.J. Ouseley of the 23rd NI and had been born in Calcutta in 1829. 
Overitt, Mr. (Sr.) Apothecary. HM 32rd Foot.
Overitt, R. (Jnr.), Apothecary Apprentice. HM 32nd Foot.
Owen, Mr. Uncovenanted Service.
Owen, Mr. Alfred.
Oxenham, William. HM 32nd Foot. He was about 32 years old, and a corporal in the 32nd Regiment of Foot,when the following deed took place on 30 June 1857 at Siege of Lucknow, for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross: "For distinguished gallantry in saving the life of Mr. Capper, of the Bengal Civil Service, by extricating him from the ruins of a Verandah which had fallen on him, Corporal Oxenham being for ten minutes exposed to a heavy fire, while doing so."


Palmer, Lieut.-Col., and 2 children (1 dead) 48th Regt. N.I. The father of Anne Ouseley, his other daughter Susanne, died of amputation, after being hit by roundshot in the leg on July 1st. She had been engaged to be married to an officer in Lucknow but died on July 3rd, aged 19. His son Charles, was the youngest of Martiniere pupils. He was attached to the battery of his brother-in-law, Lieut. Ralph Ouseley, and helped to carry ammunition and messages to the guards. Charles Palmer was the last survivor of the siege  to hold the Lucknow medal, when he died in 1940. 
Parry, Mr. (or Parey), wife and 4 children. Secretary of Delhi Bank. Uncovenanted Service.
Partridge, Dr. Assistant Surgeon. Oude Irregular Force.
Paschand, G. Martiniere pupil.
Pearce, Mr., wife and 2 children. Uncovenanted Service, Artillery.
Pedron, Mrs.
Pelling, Mrs.
Peters, Mrs.
Peters, J. Bandmaster. Killed/died of wounds.
Peuder (or Pender), Mrs., and 4 children.
Pew, Mr. (Sr.), and wife. Uncovenanted Service.
Pew, Mr.A. (Jnr), and wife and 4 children. (According to Rees there were only 2 children, and 1 died).  Uncovenanted Service.
Phillips, Mr. J.and wife. Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison.
Phillips, Mr. W., wife and 1 child. Uncovenanted Service.
Phillips, J. Martiniere pupil.
Pidgeon (or Pigeon), Mr., and wife. Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison. Mr. Pidgeon was killed.
Pigott, W. Martiniere pupil.
Pitt, Dr. and wife. Surgeon. 13th Regt. N.I. Mrs. Pitt took care of Mrs. Clarkes son until he died.
Polehampton, Rev. Henry S.tedman, and wife, Emily Augusta (nee Allnutt). Assistant Chaplain of Lucknow. Rev. Polehampton was wounded during the siege and later died of cholera on the 20th of July. His son, Henry Allnutt died as an infant in Lucknow on the 24th of January 1857 and his father lies buried with him in the residency cemetery. Emily remarried in 1859 and became the second wife of Major-General Henry Marion Durand, on August 23rd. She died in 1905.
Potter, Mr. Clerk. Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison.
Power, Capt. HM 32nd Foot. Killed/died of wounds.
Pritchard, W. Martiniere pupil.
Probett, C. Martiniere pupil.
Purcell, Mrs., and 1 child.
Purcell, J. Martiniere pupil.
Purdell, Sergeant.  HM 32nd Foot. He was responsible for sanitary improvements at the residency and was killed by a rifle ball in forehead, October, Rees.


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Hi, thanks for posting. Have travelled to Lucknow twice from New Zealand in recent years in search of family history including that of my Great Grand Father Charles Probett, listed as Martiniere Pupil. Also have been in contact with the Walsh brothers decendents in Ireland. Cool to see this. thanks - Mark Probett. Contact:

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I will change the name to Probett! Sorry for the spelling mistake, the old sources I work have rather dubious spelling sometimes!