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Those Present During the Siege V-W-Y


Vanrenen (or Vanreneu), Lieut. J.A. 2nd in Command, 9th Oude Infantry, Oude Irregular Force
Vaughan, Mr.,wife and 2 children. Uncovenanted Service.
Veloso, Mr., wife and sister. Clerk, Uncovenaned Service. 
Voikins, Mr. and wife. Mr. Voikins was a personal butler to Brigadier Inglis. He died following the amputation of his leg. His wife is mentioned by Case.
Volkers, Mr. Civilian, Voluntary Cavalry.
Virtue, Mrs.
Virtue, Miss.
Virtue, J. Martiniere pupil.


Wade, G. Martinere pupil.
Wade, W. Martiniere pupil.
Wall, Mr. Master, Martiniere.
Ward, Ensign. 48th Regt. NI.
Ward, Mr. Uncovenanted Service.
Ward, Mrs., and 1 child. (They are listed in Wilson)
Warner, Lieut. Adjutant Ashton Cromwell,  7th Regt. Light Cavalry.
Walsh, H. Martiniere pupil.
Walsh, John. Martiniere pupil.
Waterman, Capt. 13th Regt. NI. Innes Post.
Watkins, R. Martiniere pupil.
Watson, Sergeant-Major, and wife. Orr's Corp of Police. Killed in the same attack that killed Mr. Ommanney. Mr. Watson died, but the shot which killed Mr. Ommanney, never touched him.
Watson, Lieut., and wife. 2nd in Command, 7th Oude Irregular Infantry,Oude Irregular Force.
Webb, Lieut. P.C.  HM 32nd Foot. Killed at Gubbins bastion, 26th August (Joyce).
Wells, Dr. Surgeon, and wife. 48th Regt. NI.
Wells, Mr., wife and 1 child. Mr. Wells died of wounds.
Weston, Capt. Gould. 65th N.I., Oude Frontier Police.
Weston, Mr., wife and child. His son, Adolphus is mentioned in Harris as having been shot through the head on the verandah of the church on October 6th, but there is no mention of the boy dying. Mr. Weston makes a rather ignoble appearance in Mrs. Harris' account as the man who forgot the box containing the church plate and registers when the entrenchment was abandoned. (Harris, November 23rd). His wife, noted as being a "half-caste" by Mrs. Harris, was engaged by the reverend to help out in the kitchen with the washing up (Sept. 2nd).
Wharton, Mr. J. Clerk. Uncovenanted Service,Sagos' Garrison.
White, Mr. J. Sub Conductor. Bengal Commissariat and Ordanance Dept. Killed/Died of wounds 23rd August.
Wilkinson, Mrs. Died of sickness.
Williams, Mr. F., wife and child (child killed). Clerk. Uncovenanted Service,Sagos' Garrison.
Williams, Mrs., and 2 children.
Wilson, Thomas Fourness, Capt. General Staff. Deputy-Assistant Adjutant-General.
Wiltshire, Mr. Uncovenanted Service. Had previously escaped from the Duriabad mutineers and died of sickness during the siege.
Wittenbaker, Mr.(Sr.), and wife. Uncovenanted Services, Financial Garrison.
Wittenbaker, Mr. Edmund (Jr.). Uncovenated Sevice, Financial Garrison. Killed/died of wounds.
Wood, Mr. Roger, wife and 3 children (1 child dead). Sub Conductor. Bengal Commissariat and Ordanance Dept. Killed/Died of wounds, 19th August.
Worsley, Ensign. 71st Regt. NI.
Wrangle, Samuel. Martiniere pupil. Senior boy.


Yerbury, Mr., wife and 2 children. Commisariat Department.



David Howell said...

Hello, found your Lucknow list interesting.
Dr Brydon's wife Mrs C M Brydon kept a Journal/Diary which was not published but there were approx 50 typescript copies edited by a Major C W del fforde issued in 1977.There are numbers of people mentioned and an index of their names. The British Library may have a copy.
Re Bonham 2nd Lieutenant Artillery. He was John Bonham 1834-1928 of Ballintaggart Co Kildare retired in 1874 as a Colonel and died in 1928, the last surviving officer from the siege.
David Howell

Eva Schawohl said...

Thank you for your comment!
Unfortunately for me, I live in Switzerland and have no access from here to the British Library. Perhaps one day, on a visit to the U.K. I will be able to see the document you mention.
I will add your information regarding John Bonham, to my list.

Thanks again!
Best wishes, Eva