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Those Present During the Siege E-F


Edgehill, Capt., wife and 1 child. General Staff, officiating.
Edmonstone, Lieut.H.M. 32nd Foot
Eldridge, Riding Master, wife and 2 children (1 dead). 7th Regt. Light Cavalry. "15th (June).—A most sad event occurred to-day. The sergeant-major of the 7th Cavalry had a quarrel with the riding-master Eldridge, upon some very trifling matter, when the former, Keogh, drew his pistol and shot the latter." (Inglis, pp. 33)
June 19th - "Mrs.Eldridge has 2 children, a poor girl of 13 who is half-witted and a fine little boy of 6 years old.." Her daughter had her leg taken off by roundshot and died (Harris pp 40).
Elliot, Mrs.
Ereth, Mr. T.W. Railway Contractor, and wife. Killed/Died of wounds 2nd July 1857. Son-in-law of Mr. Parry, Manager of Delhi Bank. (Kavanagh, p. 58)
Evans, Capt. Henry Lloyd. 17th Bombay N.I. Commanded the battery behind the church yard. His wife and 2 children were killed at Cawnpore (Joyce, p. 238)
Evans, Mrs., dead.
Ewart, Mr., Clerk. Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison.


Farquhar, Lieut. 7th Regt.Light Cavalry, wounded at Chinhat.
Farquaharson, Lieut. Charles Martin. 48th Regt. N.I. Killed/Died of wounds, 1st June 1857
Fayrer, Dr. Assistant Surgeon, Joseph, wife, Bethia Mary, and child, Robert Andrew. Residency Surgeon, Civil Surgeon. His wife was the daughter of Brigadier General Andrew Spens. They married at the cantonment church in Lucknow, 4th October 1855. Fayrer's son was born at his grandfather's house in the cantonment, Lucknow, on 27th of June 1856..(Fayrer, p. 101).
Fayrer, Mr. Richard. Gentleman Volunteer, Oude Irregular Force. Brother of Dr. Fayrer. Killed at Mynpoory, 1st June 1857, aged 23. The same attack killed  Adjutant Barbor and Captain Hayes.
Fernandes, Mr. Uncovenanted Service.
Fitzgerald, Mrs., and 1 child.
Fitzgerald, W.E., wife and 1 child (.Justitia F. Died 18th Aug). Uncovenanted Service.
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Mother of W.E. Fitzgerald.
Fletcher, Lieut. 48th Regt.NI
Forbes, Capt. H., wife and 3 children (2 dead). 1st Oude IrregularCavalry, Oude Irregular Force.
Forbes, Mr., and mother. Uncovenanted Service.
Ford. Drummer.
Forder, Mr. W. Postmaster. Post Office Garrison.
Forester, Mr. Clerk.
Foster, Lieut. HM 32nd Foot.
Francis, Major Robert Bransby. Commanded  Muchee Bawan.  Mortally wounded on 7th July, died of wounds (Case, pp 93-94). Both his legs had been blown off by round shot. He died on the 8th of July.
Francis, Capt. 13th Regt. NI.
French, Mr. Uncovenanted Service.
Fullerton, Lieut. James, wife and son (Elphinstone, died 7th Aug). 44th NI. 15th September: "He walked out of the hospital window in the upper storey, whether in sleep or delirium is not known. He was taken up insensible and never spoke again." (Harris, pp 63-64) Son of Lord Fullerton. Age 27.
Fulton, CaptainGeorge William-Wright.   Engineers.Garrison Engineer. Killed, shot in the head. His wife Sophia Isabella and 5 children were in Simla during the mutiny. 

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