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Those Present During the Siege G-H


Gabriel, Mr., and wife. Uncovenanted Service.
Gall, Major George Lawrence Herbert, and wife. 2nd Oude Irregular Cavalry, Oude Irregular Force. Major Gall was killed  carrying dispatches from Lucknow to Allahabad, 13th June, 1857.
Gamboa, Mr., and mother. Mr. Gamboa is listed as "deserted".
Gardner, Miss.
Garland, Mr. R. Extra Assistant Commissioner, wife and 1 child. Uncovenanted Service.
Garrett, Mr., wife and 2 children.
Germon, Capt., and wife, Maria. 13th Regt. N.I., Germon's Post, Judicial Garrison.
Giddings, Mr., Paymaster., and wife. HM 32nd Foot.
Gordon, Mr. J., wife Sophia, 2 children, (1 child, Julia, died during the siege.) Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison.
Graham, Lieut. James, wife and 2 children (both dead). 1st Oude Irregular Cavalry, Officiating Adjutant, Oude Irregular Force.  Lieut. Graham is reported as having committed suicide "in a fit of temporary insanity" on the 5th of September (ref."The Defence of Lucknow" by A Staff Officer pp 149). His daughters,  Fanny Jane died 2nd September and Georgiana M. Louisa died 27th September. 
Graham, Lieut. Adjutant, 3rd Oude Irregular Cavalry, Oude Irregular Force.
Grant, Lieut., Aldourie Patrick. 71st Regt. N.I. Killed in Cantonments on 30th of May.
Grant, Lieut. Gregor, wife and 2 children (wife and 1 child dead). 5th Oude Irregular Infantry. 2nd in Command, Oude Irregular Force. Grants Bastion. He died of wounds - 20th July, his hand was shattered by a hand grenade that went off prematurely, he died a few days later. (Joyce, 93).  His wife and one daughter ied of cholera. The other daughter was left in the care of the Gubbins'. (Joyce, p. 93).
Grant, Sergeant, and wife.
Graves, Lieut., 41st Regt. N.I. Died of sickness.
Gray, Brigadier. Commander, Oude Irregular Force.
Green, Capt., and wife (wife died of sickness). 48th Regt. N.I.
Green, Ensign G.W.13th Regt. N.I. Died of sickness.
Greenhow, Dr. Assistant-Surgeon. Oude Irregular Force.
Griffiths, Mrs. Sergeant,  and 3 children.
Gruber, Richard. Martiniere pupil. One of the boys to attend Henry Lawrence on his deathbed.
Gubbins, Mr. Martin Richard, Financial Commissioner, and wife. Civil Service, financial secretary of Oude. Gubbin's Post.


Hadow, Mr. Surgeon. Oude Irregular Force/5th Oude infantry (Rees).
Hale, Mrs. Frances Ellen. Wife of G.H. Hale, 2nd Oude Irregular Infantry. In the grave list of Hilton: the wife and daughter of Lieut. Adjt. 2nd Oude Irregular Infantry. George Herbert Hale ( Kate Caroline Sophia) are listed as died on 30th June 1857. According to Mrs. Bartrum, Mrs. Hale died on the 29th of June, of cholera, after only 3 hours of illness. Her daughter, Kate, was given over to the care of Major and  Mrs. Marriot, but she died "just before Havelock entered Lucknow." (Bartrum, pp 25-26). On the family gravestone, Frances is noted to be 20 years old at the time of her death.
Halford, Col. William Hamilton, wife and daughter. 71st Regt. NI.  Col. Halford died of sickness. July 27th. "Col. Halford died of complete break-up, I believe". (Case, pp 124).  According to Rees, he died of a "carbuncle in his back" (pp 173).
Hamilton, Mr. W., wife and 3 children (2 children dead).
Hampton, Miss.
Handscombe, Brigadier Isaac Henley. Brigade Staff. Commanding Oude Brigade. Killed in cantonments on May 30th.
Harding, Lieut. General Staff. Oude Irregular Force, Deputy Asst.Quarter Master General. Listed in Gubbins as since died at sea.
Hardingham, Mr. F. and mother. Uncovenated Service.
Harmer, Lieut. H.M. 32nd Foot. Wounded. Leg broken. Roundshot entered the Residency building on the 18th of July and struck the breakfast table where the officers were sitting. A piece of the table broke off and injured Harmer. (Joyce, p. 86)
Harris, Rev. James P., and wife, Georgina. Assistant Chaplain of Lucknow.
Hawes, Capt. W. H. 6th Oude Irregular Infantry, Oude Irregular Force.
Hay, Lieut. 48th Regt. N.I.
Hayes, Captain Fletcher,wife and 1 child. General Staff, Military Secretary. Captain Hayes was killed near Mynapoory.
Headly, Capt. Royal Artillery. Killed, 25th September 1857.
Hearsey, Captain W., and wife. Oude M. Pol., Oude Irregular Force,unattached.
Hearsey, Ensign J. Volunteer Cavalry.
Hely (or Haly), Forbes A. Veterinary Surgeon. 7th Regt. Light Cavalry. Killed/died of wounds.
Hembro, Mr., wife and 3 children. Ucovenanted Service.
Hernon, Mrs., and 4 children.
Hersham, Mrs., and child (Child dead). Mrs. Hersham is mentioned in Mrs. Harris' diary (August 9th).
Hewitt, Ensign. 41st Regt. N.I.
Higgins, Mr., Apothecary, wife (died of sickness) and 2 sisters. H.M. 32nd Foot.
Hill, Mr. James, Merchant.
Hilton, Mr. William, wife and 2 children. Master, Martiniere.
Hilton, Edward. Martiniere pupil. Senior boy. Son of Mr. William Hilton.
Hoff, Mr. Edward R. Hall, and wife. Uncovenanted Service, Sagos Garrison.
Holden, J. Martiniere pupil.
Holt, J. Martiniere pupil.
Horan, Mrs., and 3 children. In the Defence of Lucknow by a  Staff Officer:  Mrs. Horan and all her children were alive and survived the siege.. In Gubbins, Mrs. Horan is listed as killed/died of wounds.
Hornby, John. Martiniere pupil, senior boy.
Hornley, J. Martniere pupil.
Howard, Mr. B.
Hughes, Capt. E.J. 4th Oude Irregular Infantry, Oude Irregular Force. Killed/Died of wounds. September 28th. (Case pp. 212)
Hutton, Mr. Uncovenanted Service.
Huxham, Lieut., wife and child (the child, Ellen Frances, died 9th August). 48th Regt. N.I.
Hyde, Mr., Apothecary, wife and 2 children.

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