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Names of those who are said to have perished outside of the entrenchment

I have included this list from Shepherd's book although I have no way to say how accurate it is. It might be of interest to those who are searching for their ancestors and have been unable to find them in the other lists of the dead.

Auchin,Chinaman, Shoemaker      12th June

Carter, Joseph, Mr.                        10th June
Carter, Mrs. and infant                   17th June
Clooney, Drummer                          7th June

DeGama, I.X., Merchant                10th June
Duncan, John, Mr. Road Supdt.     10th June

Green, Pensioner                             8th June
Greenway, Rose Anne, Mrs.,        
Greenway, Edward, Merchant 
Greenway, Mrs. and a little girl
Greenway, Francis, son to above
Greeanway, Lean and Martha, daughters to above

Hollings, Captain                            9th June
Haman, Indigo Planter,                  13th June

Jacobi, Henry, Watchmaker           10th June
Jacobi, Mrs.
Jacobi, Henry, Lucy and Hugh, children of above
Jacobi, William, son to above (grown up)

Maling, G.W. Mr.                              8th June
Maling, John, Mr.                              8th June
Mackintosh, C. Merchant 
(aged 64 years)                                8th June
Mackintosh, D., Mrs.
(aged 57 years)                                 8th June
Mackintosh, Joshua son to above
(aged 25 years)                                8th June
Maloney, Pensioner                          7th June
Marshall, Mrs.                                  7th June
Murphy, Mr. (Railway)                      5th June

Waterfield, Mr.                                 10th June
Walker, A. Mrs
(aged 65 years)
Walker, Daniel, Master

The Walkers were taken about the 5th of July and placed in the ladies prison, and killed on the 15th of July.
Williams, Mrs., wife of Edward Williams, House proprietor, killed with her 3 children on the 10th of June

Shepherd mentions "several others whose names are not known" but cites their stories on pages 21 and 33 of his book.

Two Europeans (Conductor and Sergeant) with Magazine Boats.
Fulow, Joseph, Mr., left of Allahabad and was killed
Fulow, Sarah, Miss, left for Allahabad and escaped

For the story of Captain Hollings, please refer to The Exotic Life of Captain Hollings


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