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Victims of Cawnpore, Military


Ashburner, Lieutenant
went out with a party and never returned                        5th June
Angelo, F.C., Capt., 16th NI.                                            27th June
Andrews, T., Quartermaster Sergeant,  1st N.I.               27th June
Andrews, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Andrews, E.A., Miss
Andrews, Amelia, Miss
Ashe, St. G., Lieut.                                                          27th June
Armstrong, H.H., Lieut., 53rd N.I.                                     27th June

Battine, C., Lieut. 14th N.I.                                              30th June
Battine, Mrs. 
Balfour, M., Lieut, 2nd Cavalry,                                       30th June
Bax, G., Lieut.,, 41st NI 
died of wounds in the entrenchment
Belson, H., Capt.53rd Ni                                                 27th June
Belson, Mrs. died of fever                                               19th June
Belson, Miss died in the entrenchment
Bell, Thomas, Sergt-Major 56th NI 
died of sun-stroke                                                            21st June
Bell, Margaret, Mrs.                                                                       
Bell, 2 sons died                                                              27th June
Bell, Miss, 6 years of age  
Bennet, Eliza, Miss 
(granddaughter to Bazar Sergt Ried)  
Berrill, W., Conductor, Commissariat                             27th June
Berrill, Mrs.,                                                                
Berrill, Isabella, Miss, 14 years of age
Boulton, A.T., Lieut. 7th Lt. Cav,                                     27th June
Bowling, J.P., Assistant Surgeon, 56th NI
Bowling, Mrs.
Boyes, W.R., Surgeon, 2nd Lt Cav.,                              30th June
Boyes, Mrs.                                                                  30th June
Bridges, O.S., Lieut. 53rd N.I.                                       27th June
Brooke, Sergt., D.P.W
Brooke, Mrs.
Burney, F.W.,Lieut. Artillery                                         27th June

Carmody, Sergt.                                                          27th June
Carmody, Mrs., (Milliner)                                             27th June
Chalmers W.A., Lieut., 56th NI 
killed in the entrenchment
Chalwin, E.G., Vity, Surgeon 2nd Lt. Cav. 
Killed in the entrenchments
Chalwin, Mrs.             
Collyer, N., Surgeon, 53rd NI 
died of wounds in the entrenchment
Currie, E.H., Captain H.M. 84th Regt., 
died of wounds

Daniell M.G., Lieut. 2nd Lt. Cav.                                 30th June
Dawson, A., Ensign 53rd NI                                       27th June
Delafosse, Lieut, 53rd NI escaped
Dempster C.,Lieut Artillery 
shot in the entrenchment
Dempster, Jean, Mrs., 
(Born 19th Jan. 1832) and 4 children (sons)
-extra information from “Fasti ecclesiae scoticanae” by Hew Scott, p.147-

Eckford, J.A.H., Lieut.  Artillery 
killed by a round shot in the entrenchment
Eckford, Mrs.
Elms, E.J., Capt. 1st NI
Emmer, W., Apothecary, HM 32nd Regt
Emmer, Mrs.
Ewart, John, Col. 1st NI                                              27th June
Ewart, Mrs., and 2 children                                         27th June

Fagan, H., Lieut. 12th NI
Fagan, H., Lieut. 56th NI

Gladwin, H., Sergt Master 2nd Cav
Glanville, C.R., Lieut. 56th NI    27th June
Goad, C.R., Lieut., 56th NI       27th June
Gordon, W., Qrt. Master Sergt., 53rd NI                     27th June
Gordon, Mrs.                                                              27th June
Gordon, C.A., Master
Gordon, S.W., Master

Harrison, J.H.,  Lieut 2nd lt Cav                                 28th June
Halliday, W.L.,  Capt. 56th NI 
shot in the entrenchment
Halliday, Mrs., and child 
died of smallpox
Hefferen, Asst. Apoth. Artillery
Heron, Sergt. Major 1st NI
Heron, Mrs., and 2 children
Henderson, J.W.,  Ensign 56th NI                             27th June
Hillersdon, W.E.,  Major, 53rd NI wounded                27th June
Hillings, Sergt. Major 1st NI
Hillings, Lydia, Mrs., and son
Hill, E.C., Ensign, HM 32nd Regt.
Hill, Mary, Mrs.,                                                       16th June

Jack, Alex, CB, Brigadier died of fever
Jellicoe, T.G., Capt., 53rd NI                                    27th June
Jellicoe, Mrs., and 2 children, 
died of fever in the entrenchment
Jenkins, R.U., Capt., 2nd Cav. 
died of wounds in the entrenchment
Jervis, S.C., Lieut. 
shot in the entrenchment

Kempland, G., Capt. 56th NI                                 27th June
Kempland, Mrs., and 3 children

Larkins, G., Major, Artillery
Larkins, Mrs., and 2 children
Lake, Qrt.Master Sergt. 56th NI 
died in entrenchments
Lake, Mrs.
Lindsay, W., Major (A.A. Genl.) 
died in the entrenchment                                       18th June
Lindsay, L., Mrs. 
died in the entrenchment                                       17th June
Lindsay, Caroline, Miss
Lindsay, Frances, Miss,           
Lindsay, Alice, Miss died in captivity                       9th July
Lindsay, G., Ensign, 1st NI                                   27th June
Lindsay, G., Mrs, died in captivity                        12th July

MacAuley, P.,  Asst. Surg. Artillery                      30th June
MacCullen, Sergt  (DPW)                                    27th June
Maclanders, Sergt., (DPW)                                 27th June
Maclanders, Mrs., and infant                              27th June
MacMahon, T., Sergt. Major 53rd NI
MacMahon, Ann, Mrs., and 4 children
Master, G.A., Lieut, 53rd NI 
taken prisoner, and died                                     29th June
Manderson, N.J., Lieut 2nd Cav. 
died in the entrenchment
Martin, J.W., Lieut. Art.
Moore, J., Capt. HM 32nd Regt.                           27th June
Moore, Mrs. 
Moore- Children 
Morris, W.L.G., Lieut., 56th NI                            30th June

Newenham, A.W.R., Surgeon, 1st NI
Newenham, Mrs., 
died of fever in the entrenchment
Newenham, Arthur
Newenham, Charlotte
Newenham, W., Master                                                                                                        

Parker, Sergeant, Road Overseer
Peters, Mrs. 53rd NI
Peters, Miss, 53rd NI
Peters, James and Mary 53rd NI
Prole, W.G., 53rd NI 
died of wounds in the entrenchment
Prout, W.R., Major, 56th NI 
died of sunstroke in the entrenchment

Quin, R.O., Lieut., 2nd Cav. (wounded)                 30th June

Redman, F., Lieut. 1st NI 
killed by a round shot in the entrenchment
Reid, William, Bazar Sergeant                               27th June
Reid, Mrs., died in the entrenchment                    10th June
Reynolds, J.H., Capt. 53rd NI 
killed by a round shot in the entrenchment
Reynolds, Mrs., and child 
died of wounds and fever in the entrenchment
Ryan, Cattle Sergeant, 
left the entrenchment on 10th June                        12th June
Ryan, Mrs and 3 daughters 
left the entrenchment on the 10th                         12th June

Satchwell, R.M., Lieut., 1st NI                              28th June
Saunders, T.J.G., Lieut., HM 84th                         30th June
Saunders, Mrs., and son
Seppings, Edward James, Capt., 2nd Cav.
(Born 29th May 1826),                                         30th June
Seppings, Jessie, Mrs.
(Born 20 Feb 1826,) and 2 children Edward Matthew aged 3 and John James, aged 5)
Smith, H.S., Capt., 1st NI 
died of wounds in the entrenchment
Supple, J.C., Ensign, 1st NI 
killed by round shot in the entrenchment
Swan, Sergt. Ganges Canal

Thomson, M., Lieut. 56th NI escaped
Turner, A., Capt. 1st NI                                       29th June
Turner, Mrs., and child died of fever
Turnbull, A.M., Capt 13th NI
Tress Francis, Qtr. M. Sergt.  2nd Cav.
Tress, Elizabeth, Mrs.

Vibart, Edward Major, 2nd Cav.                          27th June
Vibart, Mrs., and children
Vincent, T.M., Lieut., HM 8th Foot

Warde, H.J.G., Lieut., 56th NI                            27th June
Wainwright, T., Lieut ., HM 32nd NI
Wainwright, Mrs. died of fever
 Wainwright, Miss
Walsh, D., Riding Master, 2nd Cav.
Walsh, Mrs., and children
Warren, Sergt. Pensioner
Wheeler, Major-Gen, Sir Hugh, KCB                27th June
Wheeler, Lady                                                  27th June
Wheeler, Margaret, Miss fate unknown
Wheeler, Miss
Wheeler, G.R., Lieut., 1st NI
Whitings, F., Capt.                                           28th June
Wheelan, Sergt.  (DPW)
Wheelan, Mrs., and 2 children, Tom and Susan 
Wiggins E., Lieut. Col 53rd NI AAG                27th June
Wiggins, Mrs., and 2 children                         12th June
Williams, S., Col. 56th NI AG                          27th June
Williams M., Mrs.                                            27th June
Williams, Georgiana, Miss                              27th June
Williams, Mary, Miss 
died in the entrenchment
Williams,Fanny, Miss
Williams Henry Master
Williamson, W. Capt.                                     27th June
Williamson, Mrs., and child
Wren, F.S.M., Lieut. 2nd Cav.

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