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Victims of Cawnpore, Civilians

As I have previously done for Lucknow, I am including a list of names of the Cawnpore garrison. The list I am referring to from Shepherd's book but some descriptions are from other sources. The lists are divided into three sections: civilians, railway (including telegraph etc) and military.
In italics are the victims of the Bibigarh massacre on the 15th of July.


Barlow, Mr.
Batavia, Martha, Miss, aged 17 years   - 27th June                                                
Becatel, Mrs.
Bisset, Miss
Blair, Mr.
Blair, Mrs., supposed to have perished                                                          
Blair Miss, supposed the have perished                                                        
Blair, Isabella, Miss died of fever in the entrenchment
Bothwick , Mrs.                                                                                      
Brightman, Miss, died in the entrenchment
Brierly, Edwin,  Mr.  (E.T. Office)
Brett, Mrs.,                                                                                                    
Burn, C., Miss                                                                                               
Burn, Miss                                                                                                   
Bunney, Mr., (Horse breaker)  - 27th June                                                                    

Campbell, Mr.
Campbell Mrs.
Calay, two Masters                                                                                     
Carter, Mrs.                                                                                                 
Chandler, Emma, Miss     - 27th June                                                                   
Cheeters, Mary, maid to Mrs Prout                                                             
Christie, Henry, Mr.   - 21st June
Christie, Mrs.            - 27th June
Christie, 3 Misses
Christie,     Master
Conway, Maria, Miss                                                                                 
Cousins, James, Master                                                                              
Connelly, Mrs.
Cockey, H.E. Rev. - 27th June
Colgan, Mrs.                                                                                              
Cook, R.B. Mr. (Opium Dept)
Cook Mrs.
Cook, family of above
Cox, Mr., killed by a shell in the entrenchment
Copeman, Mrs.                                                                                          
Crabb, Mrs.                                                                                              
Cripps, S.E. Mrs., died in the entrenchment

Dallas, Mrs.                                                                                              
Darling, Mrs., and infant
Dachey, Mrs., and infant                                                                       
 Darby, Mrs., and infant                                                                           
Daly, Mrs.                                                                                              
Davis, Mr. & 4 children
De Cruize , Miss (Free School)
De Russett, Mr. (Merchant)   - 27th June
DeRussett, Mrs.    - 11th June
DeRussett, 2 children
Duncan, David, Mr.  (Merchant)  - 27th June
Duncan Mrs. and infant
Duncan, Master   - 20th June
Duncan Miss       - 20th June
Duncan, Henry, Master                                                                    
Dupton, Mrs.                                                                                    
Dupton, Charles                                                                                
Dupton, William                                                                               
Dupton, Henry                                                                                   
Dundas, W., Master                                                                           
Duffey, Apothecary

Evans, Mrs. and 2 children killed by a fall of masonry

Fagan, Mr.
Fagan, Mrs.
Fagan 2 Misses
Farnon, Mr.  (Telegraph Dept.) escaped
Fairburn, Mrs.
Fenn , Mrs.
Fitzgerald. John, Mr.
Fitzgerald, Margaret                                                                          
Fitzgerald, Mary                                                                                 
Fitzgerald Tom                                                                                   
Fitzgerald, Ellen                                                                               
Fitzgerald John                                                                                  
Fraser, Mrs. Died in bondage in July
Freeman, Mr.
Frost, Mary, Mrs. aged 60 years  - 27th June
Frost, Rebecca, Mrs. , aged 25 years and infant - 27th June
Frost, Emelina, Miss, 17 years  - 27th June
Fulton, Sophia, Miss
Fulton, W. Master

Garbett, C., Dr. Sup.Surgeon
died of fever in the entrenchment
Gee, W. Mr. (Merchant) killed in the entrenchment -  7th June   
Gee, Rose Anne, Mrs.  died of fever in the entrenchment
Gibson, Mrs.
Gibson, Miss
Gill, Mr., (Schoolmaster)   - 13th June
Gill, Mrs.   - 13th June
Gill, 3 children    - 27th June
Gill 1 child                                                                                        
Gilpin Mr.
Gilpin Sarah, Mrs.                                                                              
Gilpin, Harriet                                                                                   
Gilpin, Sarah                                                                                     
Gilpin, Sam                                                                                        
Gilpin, S.                                                                                          
Glasgow, 2 Misses

Greenway, Rose Ann, Mrs.
son Edward and family
Greenway, Thomas, Mr. (Merchant)  
died of fever in the entrenchment
Greenway, Mrs.,  Burnt in boats - 27th June
(Their children)
Greenway, Miss Louisa, died of fever in the entrenchments
Greenway, Master Henry, burnt  - 27th June
Greenway, Miss Jane and Mary                                                        
Greenway, Master Frederick - 27th June

Greenway Samuel, Mr. (Merchant) - 30th June
Greenway Mrs., and infant 
died of fever in the entrenchment

(Their children)
Greenway, Miss Ann
Greenway, Miss Rosaline

Grinsey,  Mrs.
Guthrie, Mr.                                                                                        
Guthrie, C.,Miss     
Harris, P.H. Dr. (Civil Surgeon)   - 27th June
Harris, Mrs.
Hagan, Mrs.
Harkness, Mrs. and child (Free School)
Haycock, Rev.    - 20th June
Haycock, Mrs. (mother of Rev)    - 27th June
Haycock, Mr.,(Watchmaker)
died in the entrenchment
Haycock, Mrs. died in the entrenchment
Hay, John Duncan, Mr., (Merchant) - 16th June
Hay, Mrs. and 3 children
Hampton, Miss
Heberden, M.C, Mr., (wounded)  - 27th June
Henderson, E., Mr., (drowned)   -  27th June
Hillersdon, C.G., ( Magistrate and Collector)  
killed by round shot     - 13th June
Hillersdon, Mrs., died in the entrenchment   - 9th June
Hillersdon, 2 children, died of fever
Holmes Elizabeth, Miss  
Jack, Mr. wounded and died
Jackson, Mr., killed by round shot in the entrenchment
Jackson, J.A., Mrs.
James, W., Master                                                                              
James, Mrs.
Jacobi , Frederick Ernest, (Coach builder)
killed in the entrenchment
Jacobi, Sophia Matilda, Mrs.   -  27th June
(their daughter Charlotte, had previously been sent to Calcutta 

for her health and thus survived the mutiny and was orphaned, aged 11)
Jacobi, Henry, Mr., (Watchmaker and Jeweler) and family
Jackford, Mrs.
Jones, Mr.  -  27th June
Jones, Mrs.   
Keeler, Mrs.
Kinleside, Mrs.                                                                                  
Kinleside, Henry, Master                                                                  
Kinleside, Willie, Master                                                                  
Kight, Mrs. and 2 children                                                                
Kirk, Mrs. Senior   - 27th June
Kirk, Grace, Miss - 27th June
Kirk, Grace, Miss                                                                               
Kirk, Charlotte, Miss                                                                          
Kirk, William, Master                                                                        
Kirk, John, Mr. (Merchant)
Kirk, Mrs., and infant
Kirkpatrick, Mr. (Merchant)
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. and infant

Leary, Mrs.                        
Leary,  James, Master                                                                         
Leary, Chas., Master
Leath, Miss
Lewis, James, Master                                                                         
Little, Mr., (Merchant)
Lyell, Lucy, Miss
Mackillop, J. Mr (CS)
wounded whilst drawing water at the well   -  27th June
Mac Cullen, Master
Maxwell, Mr.  (Deputy Opium Agent)                              
Martindell, N., Miss                                                                           
Mark, Ellen, Miss
Morfett, Jane, Mrs.                                                                             
Moncrieff, E.T.R. (Revd).   - 27th June
Moncrieff, Mrs. and child   - 27th June

Nelson, Mr.      - 30th June

O’Brien, James, Mr., (Collectors Office)  -  27th June
O’Brien, Mrs. 
O’Brien, Mrs., (widow of J.L. O’Brien of Meerut )                          
O’Brien, Rory, master, son of above  - 27th June
O’Connor, Miss                                                                                  
Ogle, Mr., (Canal Dept.)
Ogle, Mrs. and 6 childrenOsborne Mrs., aged 48 years  -  27th June

Parker, George. Sir Cantonment Joint Magistrate, Cawnpore
died of sunstroke in the entrenchment
Palmer, Fred, Mr., (Medical Depot) 
died of sunstroke in the entrenchment
Palmer, Henry Mr. died of wounds in the entrenchment
Peel, Mrs. and son Peters, Mr (Apothecary) left the entrenchment    -  12th  June
Peters, Mrs., and family, left the entrenchment   - 2th June
Purcell Mr., ( Merchant)
Purcell, Mrs., and son  left the entrenchment on 10th June     - 12th June
Price, Mr. (Pensioner) died in the entrenchment
Probett, Mr. died of wounds in the entrenchment
Probett, Mrs. Ellen                                                                            
Probett, Stephen, and John, Masters                                                  
Probett, Nellie, Emma and Louisa  
Reid, Geo., Mr.,( Merchant)    -  27th June
Reid, G. Mrs.                                                                                     
Reid, James                                                                                        
Reid, Julia                                                                                          
Reid, C.                                                                                              
Reid, Charles                                                                                     
Reid, baby                                                                                         
Reid, Nixon (Pensioner)
Rooney, Joseph, (the Revd., Roman Catholic)    - 27th June
Russell, Mrs.                                                                                      
Russell, Eliza, Miss 
Scott, Mrs.    Schorne, John Mr., (Merchant)     -  27th June
Shorman, Mr., (Merchant) Wounded in the middle finger 
of the right hand in the entrenchment and was killed   -   27th June
Shore, Mrs.
Simpson, Henry and William, Masters
Shaw, Mrs.
Sheridan, H. Mr., (Merchant)    - 30th June
Sheridan, Mrs., and 2 children                                                          
Shepherd, W.J. Mr., aged 32 years (escaped)
Shepherd, Ellen, Mrs., aged 22 years and 6 months    -  27th June
Shepherd, Louisa, aged 5 ½ years     -  27th June
Shepherd, infant        - 18th June
Shepherd, Daniel Mr., aged 22 years   -    27th June
Slane, Mr.,(Asst. Apoth.) Died in the entrenchment
Stiven, Mr.
Stanley, Mr., (Wounded)
Stoke, Lucy and William                                                                    
Stowell, Miss Margaret
Swinton, Mrs. and 3 children  -  27th June

Tibbetts, Mrs.                                                                                     
Tomkins, Mrs., (Milliner)
Tresham, Mrs.
Tritton, Mr.
Twoomy,( Apothecary)    -  27th June
Twoomy, Mrs., and child         
Vaughan, T. (Merchant )     -  27th June

Wallet, Miss       -   15th June
Wade, Francis L., Mrs. died of fever in the entrenchment
Wells, Mr., (Coach builder)
Wells, Mrs., and children
West, Elizabeth, and 2 children                                                          
Weston, Emma and George                                                               
White, Isabella, Miss                                                                          
White, Mrs.
Widlep, Catherine, Jane and Thomas                                                 
Willis, Mrs., and child                                                                        
Wrixon, R.R., Mr.    -    27th June
Wrixon, Mrs.                                                                                      
Wrixon, Clara Lucy, Miss                                                                 
Wrixon, Edward aged 12    
Yates, Mrs.                                                                                         

All Soul's Church, Cawnpore

To see some of the memorial tablets at Cawnpore, please visit BACSA.

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