Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Victims of Cawnpore, Musicians of Native Corps and their Families

Musicians of Native Corps and their Families

Bullard, John Drum-Major
Hatch, Benjamin, Fife-Major
Warcoat, J.C., Bugler
Offenback, F.E. Drummer
Offenback,  John, Drummer
Offenback, Eliza and 4 children

Bullard, T.
Bullard, John
Money, R.D.
Philip, John
Mendes, Henry, escaped
Pareira, J.
Allen, W.
Allen, G.
Hook, B.
Moore, J.
William, A.
Todrick, W.A.
Todrick, Jane

Peters, Sam, Drum-Major and family
Toone, Joseph, Fife-Major

Elliott, H.
Elliott, C.
Elliott, W.
Elliott, L.

Spiers, David, Band Sergt.
Spiers, H., Mrs. escaped
Spiers, Eliza, Miss, escaped
SPiers,  Amelia, escaped
Spiers, Isabella, escaped
Spiers, Matilda, escaped
Spiers, Fred, Master, escaped

Spiers, J.
Toone, J.
Peters, S.
Arthelone,  P.
Sarges, C.

56th Regiment, NI

Alburke, J., Drum-Major
Mearse, A.G., Fife-Major
Alburke, J Drummer
Alburke, H., Drummer
Bradshaw, Eliza, widow, escaped
Bradshaw, Robert, Drummer
Bradshaw, Mrs., and 1 child, escaped
Bradshaw, John, Drummer
Bradshaw, Mrs., and 1 child, escaped

Peters, John
DeCruz, J.
John, B.

Letts, Elizabeth, widow, escaped
Letts, John, Drummer
Letts, Eliza, Mrs, severe injuries received on 27th June and died 3 days after
Letts, Caroline and Rachel, children of above
Massey, F., Drummer
Murray, John, Pensioned Drum-Major
Murray, Mrs., escaped

Murray, Benjamin
Pckhoo, John
Pybah, R.

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