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Those Present During the Siege S-T


Sago, Mrs.
Sahu, R.K. Martiniere College.
Sampson, Private. Wounded at Chinhat (Rees).
Sanson, Mrs. Anna. Mother-in-law of William Marshall. Died on the 24th of October.
Sanders, Capt. 41st Regt.N.I., Sander's Post (Financial Garrison).
Sangster, Capt., wife and 2 children. Uncovenanted Services.
Sangster, Miss.
Sangster, J. Martiniere pupil.
Sarle, Mr. Uncovenated Service. (Mentioned in Wilson).
Savaille (or Saville), Miss.
Schilling, Mr. G., and sister. Principal, Martiniere College.
Schmidt, Mr. R. According to Rees, Mr. Schmidt's grandfather was German, but he was born in India.  He died during the siege.
Scott, Dr. Surgeon, wife and 1 child (dead). HM 32nd Foot.
Sequera, Mr. J. (Snr), wife and sister. Uncovenanted Service, Invalids. Mr. Sequera and his wife both died during the siege. His sister survived.
Sequera, Mr. Edward (or Edwin). Killed/Died of wounds. "who had distinguished himself at Chinhut..He was more fortunate than others, for he expired in the bosom of his family, was carried to the grave by friends and buried alone, for on that day (August 29th) his was the only death that took place." (Rees) He had been shot in the breast.
Sequera, Mrs. (Jnr). Died during the siege.
Sequera, Mr. H. Uncovenanted Service.
Sequera, Mr. C. Bhoosa Garrison.
Sewell, Lieut. 71st Regt. NI.
Sexton, Mrs.
Shepherd (or Sheppard), Capt. James Stevens.  2nd Oude Irregular Cavalry, 2nd in Command, Oude Irregular Force. Killed/Died of wounds. July 26th. "He had gone too far out…and in the darkness of the night was fired at by mistake." (Case)
Simons (or Simond), Capt. Alfred Parmenter. Artillery. Died of wounds received at Chinhut, 8th September.
Sinclair, Mr. J., and mother. Merchant.
Sinclair, Mr. Pensioner.
Singh, Aodhan. Sepoy, 1st Oudh Irregular Infantry. Carried dispatches out of the residency.
Smart, J. Martiniere pupil.
Smart, W. Martiniere pupil.
Smith, Lieut. O.L. Adjutant, 48th Regt. NI. Wounded accidentally.
Smith, Mrs., and 3 children.
Smith, Private Michael. HM 32nd Foot.
Smith, John. Martiniere pupil.
Smith, W. Martiniere pupil.
Soppit, Lieut., wife and 1 child. (Their 2 year old son died of cholera on the 3rd of July. Mrs. Soppit was only 19 years old). 4th Oude Infantry, Oude Irregular Force.
Soule, Mr. J. 
Staples, Capt. John, and wife. 7th Regt. Light Cavalry. Killed near Cawnpore, 10th June 1857.
Stevens, Capt. Charles, wife and 2 children (the baby born during the siege was stillborn, Case, July 10th). HM 32nd Foot. Killed at Chinhat.
Stevens, Miss. Daughter of Capt. Charles Stevens.
Strangeways, Capt., wife and 4 children (1 dead, Mary H. Dunbar, 17th July).
Stribling, Mr. Quarter-Master. HM 32nd Foot.
Stuart, Capt., wife and 1 child. 3rd NI.
Studdy, Ensign William Humphrey. HM 32nd Foot. Died of wounds on August 9th. He had been injured in the arm by roundshot on August 6th. The arm was amputated and he died shortly after (Case) Aged 19. Son of Major J.B. Studdy, Bengal Cavalry.
Sutton, Frederick. Martiniere pupil.
Sutton, Joseph. Martiniere pupil, senior boy.
Sullivan, Mr. Hospital Steward. HM 32nd Foot.
Swaries (or Swarris), Mr., wife and 3 children.
Syms, John. Private. Bandsman, HM 32nd Foot.  27 September 1857, he was killed by an accidental explosion. He had 2 sisters at the Residency, one married to a colour sergeant, the other to a drum major.(Joyce).  His mother, stepfather, sister and brother were killed at Cawnpore.
Symes, Mr. W. Anderson's Post.


Thaine, Lieut. 13th Regt NI. Took over Innes Post after the death of Graydon.
Thomas, 1st Lieut. Lancelot E.C.(Madras) and wife (Cordelia Ellen. She died of smallpox, 16th July). Artillery.
Thomson, Lieut. James Dugald. HM 32nd Foot. Killed at Chinhut. Son of Lt-General Alexander Thomson, CB, of Salruck, Co. Galway.
Thompson, Mr., wife and 3 children. Apothecary, Acting Asst. Surgeon. Oude Irregular Force.
Thornhill, Mr. John B., wife and 1 child. (Mary Charlotte Bensley, their daughter, died on September 1st. Assistant Commissioner, Lucknow. Mr. Thornhill died of wounds on 12th October.
Todd, Mr., wife and 1 child. Clerk. Uncovenanted Service, Judicial Garrison.
Tulloch, Lieut. 58th N.I. Engineers Dept.
Twitcham, Mrs.

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